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Novo Arts was established in 1975 by Marlaina Deppe to make fine art affordable and accessible to every client. Novo Arts has operated from its headquarters in New York’s Greenwich Village since it’s founding and has since expanded to national and international locations.

The company’s intent is to communicate the value of art for any environment, mediating the interests of the business and art communities through a variety of innovative programs. Our philosophy of “art for everyone” has inspired Novo to remain flexible and creative, as it invents new services and products.

Our staff includes professionally trained artists, art consultants, art historians, designers, videographers, art handlers, and project managers. Our team of experts work collaboratively with emerging artists, architects, designers, consultants, and the secondary art market to provide the right artworks for each environment. It is our goal to help realize our clients’ vision while keeping the art program cost effective.

Novo Arts serves a wide range of clients including corporate, hospitality, residential, institutional, and healthcare. Upon initial consultation, clients are assigned to a project manager who will work with them for the duration of a project.




Novo Arts is committed to collaborating with our clients to select visual concepts that reflect their unique sensibility and identity. We enhance environments utilizing classical techniques and progressive technologies to produce fine art, graphics and multimedia options. We also provide a link between corporate branding and a cultural experience. Our endeavor is to make art financially accessible and any aesthetic possible.