Featured Project: Viacom Hollywood

Novo Arts recently completed an expansive art program for Viacom’s west coast headquarters in Hollywood. The facility, which occupies Kilroy Realty Corporation’s recently redesigned Columbia Square, spans six floors and 210,000 square feet.

The space was designed to encourage collaboration, creativity, and innovation, and is adorned with over 100 works of art that take inspiration from this design goal. Using a bold rainbow color palette and innovation as a central theme, Novo Arts designed customized works in a variety of scales and mediums to reflect Viacom’s company culture. 

This custom Ekko mural, designed by our graphic design team to emulate a chalk wall and hand painted by our team of studio artists, inspires creativity in one of the many collaborative spaces in Viacom’s new facility. 

Another example of our custom Ekko murals, in a broad-brush, painterly style:

Novo’s Ekko Mural Initiative provides custom, site specific, hand-painted murals that are applied using an environmentally-friendly, scent-free, and organic paint. Novo’s Ekko murals are a durable alternative to more common wall coverings such as print on vinyl or traditional paint murals. 

Our graphic design team provides multiple renderings for each Ekko mural, customized to each client’s and each space’s needs. The chosen final design is then projected directly on the wall for our team of trained studio artists to hand paint. 

A new Novo concept was created for this Viacom project. To create an innovative work for the wall in this open work space, our studio used repurposed egg cartons and ping pong balls to fabricate a work that makes a bold statement. 

Now a featured concept, Novo’s egg carton pieces can be customized to any combination of colors or patterns, and can be made in any size. 

Another example of Novo’s creative ways to create interest through texture and color while listening to our client’s budgetary requirements, this wall sculpture was fabricated using recycled crinkled canvas, then painted with a rainbow finish:

Our team of graphic designers created many laser cut grill designs for the Viacom Hollywood facility, ranging from wood, to plexi, to aluminum.

Viacom’s new facility features a wide variety of work and collaboration spaces, each with a different function. Our Novo team worked carefully with Viacom’s team to design unique artworks for each particular space. 

Photography, laser cut aluminum, painted wood, print on plexi, original paintings, and wire sculpture were also incorporated to reflect the variety and modernity of Viacom’s major brands such as MTV, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, Spike, TV Land, CMT and Logo. 

All artworks for the Viacom Hollywood facility were designed and fabricated in Novo Arts’ 8,000 square studio in Brooklyn by our team of professionally trained artists, graphic designers, and art consultants.


 Viacom: Meeting of Creative Minds
This is the second art program completed by Novo Arts for Viacom. In 2015, Novo created artworks for Viacom’s Times Square office location. The custom art program, inspired by Viacom’s inventive story telling, included works in several different mediums, such as preserved plant pieces, prints on canvas, original paintings, laser cut sculptures, prints on mirrored plexi, pepsi can pieces, mirrored works, and more.

Novo Arts embraced the challenge of creating an art program that takes visitors on an experiential journey through an artscape of surrealistic and futuristic works. The creative spirit of Viacom is infused throughout, with imaginative pieces such as the Fairytale Book Installation, a dynamic 3D installation, referring to Viacom’s explorative environment.

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Products Categories Shine at the 11th Annual HD Awards Ceremony in NY


Vibia, SET (source: vibia.com/blog)

On June 3, 2015 the eleventh annual Hospitality Design Awards Ceremony took place at Guastavino’s in NYC. Presented by Hospitality Design magazine, the evening was “a pure celebration of the artistry of dozens of superb designers and architects and their contributions to the industry in the past year,” Michael Adams, the Editorial Director of HD magazine, said in a published statement.

The cornerstone of the awards ceremony remained projects; namely, the design of the traditional spaces associated with the hospitality sphere, such as restaurants, resorts and spas. According to Katie Kervin, HD Awards project manager, “processing this year’s project entries was daunting,” doubtlessly a reflection on the fact that the jury received the most project entries in the competition’s history-560 spread over 20 categories.

Of note, a second jury recognized the addition of 10 product categories, which collectively received more than 340 submissions. Alissa Ponchione, HD magazine’s products editor, notes that “any anxiety [about introducing the new products award categories] quickly transformed into excitement” when the submissions rolled in. In adding the products categories, HD magazine effectively recognizes the talent and imagination that goes into producing integral hospitality products-from furniture, to lighting, flooring, textiles and wall coverings.


Mosa Murals, Mosa Tiles (source: designboom.com)

According to Marlaina Deppe, Novo Arts Creative Director, the new products categories added a charged sense of excitement to this year’s ceremony. “It seemed as if the entire community was in attendance-the networking was superb,” she commented.

Among the most impressive visuals in the products category, Deppe observes, was a submission by Vibia, a winner in the lighting category. Vibia’s piece, titled SET, is a modular wall art sconce designed with customizable illuminated rectangular pieces-a wonderful representation of the creativity represented in the products categories. SET creates a juxtaposition of light and shadow, generating a muted, dreamy interior space. To Deppe, SET’s genius stood out even among the winning products across the board, at once “stunning, magical, unique and different.”

“Light bounces off of the surfaces to produce an almost sculptural effect.”

Wallcoverings + surfaces proved another notable category. Finalist Mosa Murals gained attention for their bespoke ceramic tile wall designs. Here again, patterns of light and dark reign, but Mosa tiles achieve this through a slight three-dimensionality. Light bounces off of the surfaces to produce an almost sculptural effect.

whiteShag_DSC7552 rev

Novo Arts original wall solution, White Shag, painted wood on panel (Source: novoarts.com)

At Novo Arts, our 2015 Catalog of Innovative Concepts outlines a range of solutions for wall spaces that take advantage of the trend in light and shadow concepts. Original pieces such as White Shag (pictured above) are perfect for hospitality and residential projects alike. They can be customized to fit any wall space and create distinctly three-dimensional wall solutions with sculptural appeal.

Industry watchers will look forward to next year’s HD Awards Ceremony, to seeing the innovative designs in both projects and products, and to networking with other hospitality design professionals once more. In the meantime, Novo Arts remains committed to exploring trends and concepts in the design industry and to bringing unique artistic solutions for any space to the wider public.

– bk@novoarts.com