Since 1913, The Armory Show has been the largest exhibition of modern art to happen in New York City. In the last two decades its influence has provided the opportunity for countless other art fairs to pop up in its wake, making our city one of the world’s greatest hubs of art and design. International artists, collectors, gallery owners, and admirers gathered for the weekend from March 5 – 8 to witness the greatest trends in art and design from leading creative professionals from all over the world.


The Novo Arts team took to Piers 92 and 94 on Sunday, analyzing and cataloging what we found in the galleries and artists booths. What we discovered was a better understanding of what people love to make right now and also what people are interested in owning for fine art. Here were the major trends we found:

Middle East Influence: From sculptures to paintings, prints, and even plastic gun caps – Middle Eastern artists demonstrated their prowess at delivering incredible artwork this weekend, packed with interesting and provocative messages.


Hanging Sculpture: The relief and hanging sculptures at the show were some of the biggest crowd-pleasers. From colored plexiglass forms, to wooden wall-mounts, the integration of experience-based design into fine art is huge right now.


Paper Art: The texture and technical finesse of Chun Kwang Young’s “Aggregation” series and Zhuang Hong Yi’s “Oval Flowerbed” had viewers in awe. Keep an eye out for paper wall sculptures like these, they bring a flood of color and life to any space.


Needle and Thread: This year proved that the needle and thread can be as mighty as the paintbrush. The detail and refined line work of Chiharu Shiota and Kyungah Ham drew viewers in intimately and engaged the viewer through a deeply enhanced sense of process.


Mixed Media Sculpture: The re-purposed material and integrated found objects were some of the most divergent sculpture forms this year. The rustic and weathered qualities of the work created an aura that was powerfully relatable and comforting.










Illuminated Sculpture: The booths were alive with the sound of neon. It was undeniable this weekend that the fusion of technology into fine art is growing more and more popular. Industrial design and the integration of light into artwork is one of 2015’s biggest trends.